We are closed for the next 24 hours to catch up on all orders & bring our TAT current. Contact for updates/concerns. If you received tracking between Friday August 22nd and today Monday August 25th your order will be dropped off today(usps) and tomorrow (ups)! When it rains it pours & I had a series of traumatic events happen in my personal life that unfortunately bled into my business & put me behind. Along with going viral & having a very high volume of orders. I am working very very hard and can’t wait to reopen! I am sorry for any issues any of my customers have had during this time. Please know I am sorry and if there is anything I can do, I am happy to help! We are not a scam, just fell into a hard season. In the face of adversity you find out if you’re a fighter or a quitter, & I’ve been fighting. It’s all about getting up after being knocked down. I appreciate your patience and each and every order! I can’t wait to be back doing what I love and doing it how I have done it these past 4 years. Ready to get my hands back on the reigns. Thanks! -Bre Owner of MFL